At barefoot indigo community centers around the world, people of all ages gather together to experience Joy.

Joy is a state of being when we are connected to ourselves, our community and the world around us.  We experience Joy when we are in balance.

At barefoot indigo, we focus on balance of the Body, Mind, Soul and Earth.   We take full responsibility for our personal development, our role on Earth, offering solutions for areas out of balance through healing modalities, arts, connections between people, animals and nature.  We focus on sustainability, preserving and restoring life in all forms.

The physical environment at barefoot indigo is comfortable, calm, nourishing to the senses.  It is a place where those who are sensitive can thrive. It is a place where you will find yourself surrounded by cozy and gentle energy.

We welcome those who may feel like they are “different” in other environments.  We help you find your purpose, your passions, your talents.  We welcome multipotentialites, people with many interests who love to try different forms of creativity.  We welcome those who like to make a difference.


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